We love metrics, measurements and analytics

Our passion is studying and evaluating your business, thinking through solutions and coming up with creative ways to boost profitability .  We focus on financial analysis, P&L, business growth, profitability and team building. Most importantly, we keep it simple.   

Financial reporting can be overwhelming.  TRENDZ LLC has partnered with key software developers for extraction and analysis of only those key performance indicators you are interested in.


As a good tailor follows a precise series of steps and measurements in order to custom fabricate your perfect suit or dress, the same way we measure and analyze your business, we compare metrics with industry standards, and we develop a custom plan in order to achieve not only revenue growth, but also increase the bottom line.


Your business is as good your team performs and believes in it.  We can help your business be successful and fun by empowering your team to communicate correctly, think creatively, develop problem solving abilities and always be motivated and engaging.

We focus on our skills.

We know our core strengths, stick to our guns and hone our skills. We are experienced in financial analysis and we are awesome in reporting in terms that every business owner understands and makes sense of. We design custom fit budgets and growth strategies but we also understand the power of your team, therefore we excel in maximizing everyone's potential.

We are proud of our work

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